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Accounting and Finance

The Department is responsible for accounting and finance teaching at all academic levels, providing teaching on certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Not surprisingly, given the professional community from which its members are drawn, it is the most homogeneous of all the departments in terms of the functional areas in which the members specialise - both in teaching and research. The Department conducts pioneering research in the following areas: accounting theory, accounting education, financial reporting, management accounting, financial performance measurement, investors and investment, public sector finance and risk management, corporate governance and corporate financing, regulatory issues such as accounting standards and offshore tax havens, ethics and culture in finance and Islamic finance.

Research focus

Staff members are interested in various areas of finance and accounting research, including international accounting, the use of accounting information in decision making, the history of taxation, taxation from an interdisciplinary perspective, public sector issues such as the financial structure of NHS trusts, management accounting and control, pension funds, modern equity analysis techniques, the history on investment, trust relationships in banking and accounting education both through distance learning and in the professions.

The main thrust of the Department is towards empirical research, concentrating primarily on case studies. We also make use of financial databases to develop more analytic methodologies.

Centre for Public Understanding of Finance, Institutions and Networks (PUFIN)

Launched in 2013, this unique centre of research excellence focuses on financial education and its impact, consumer behaviours relating to savings, debt and spending and investment choices and decisions. The Centre works to improve public understanding of personal finance through its research and the delivery of free courses providing individuals with the tools to make sound financial decisions.

Academic Publications

Our most recent publications are shown below. Full details of our research publications can be found on Open Research Online and via our staff pages.


Teaching responsibilities include contributions to:

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