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Academic departments

Teaching and research at The Open University Business School is organised around five academic departments, each focusing on business research into a key management discipline.

Department teams include academics who are practising leaders in their fields, visiting experts, specialist research staff and postgraduate students. The result is a dynamic, collaborative approach to business research and programme development that's engaged with the real needs of international business, industry and government.

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Accounting and Finance

Responsible for accounting and finance teaching at all academic levels, providing teaching on certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

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People and Organisations

Represents our efforts in organisational studies, human resource management, organisational psychology, professional development, and organisational change.

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Policing Organisation and Practice

Offering a flexible and creative blended learning experience that meet the demands of 21st Century Policing.

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Public Leadership and Social Enterprise

Examines key governance, leadership and management challenges faced by public, private and third sector organisations.

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Strategy and Marketing

Focusses on social marketing, consumer behaviour, marketing strategy and branding, services and information systems, and digital marketing.