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People and Organisations

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We are a diverse group of academics who research many aspects of work and organisations.

These can be broadly understood as centring on organisation studies and organisational psychology; and management and organisational learning, processes, change and innovation. Members of the department also have an interest in academic practices like research ethics and the politics of knowledge production.

Research into Employment, Empowerment and Futures

We seek to explore and shape the future direction of empowerment, work and society with dedicated research into this area. In partnership with The People Space, this academic centre of excellence draws on the Department for People and Organisations' scholarly expertise on themes of identity, leadership, gender, bodies, ethics, power and learning to empower policy makers, organisational leaders, social practitioners and people from across contexts to work together to co-create innovative solutions for meeting these coming opportunities and challenges.

Gendered Organisational Practice

This research cluster takes feminist solidarity as a starting point to create a space where feminists of any gender can share insights and knowledge from academic study and practice. The cluster fosters continuous collaboration and exchange between practitioners and academics and provides a hub for those interested in developing equality through their research, but also for practitioners wanting to make their organisations more egalitarian and fairer places. Current areas of expertise include gendered working bodies, feminist organising and gender and sexuality. 

Research interests

Organisation studies and organisational psychology

  • Alternative organisations and organising
  • Civil society organisations
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Critical approaches to leadership and leadership dilemma
  • Critical management studies
  • Diversity in organisations
  • Emotions in organisations
  • Employee branding
  • Financialisation and political and ethical responses
  • Gender, sexuality, the body in organisations and how bodies are organised
  • Human-animal relations in organisations
  • Individual and group behaviour in organisational contexts
  • The interplay between work and health
  • Organisational democratic practice
  • Organisational and individual identity, subjectivity, selfhood and the meaning of work
  • Organisations, work and social inclusion
  • Post-colonial relations in organisations
  • Power, politics and organisations
  • Professional occupations
  • Precarious work
  • The production, dissemination and contestation of meaning in organisations
  • The psychology of financial behaviour
  • Risk, uncertainty, and resilience
  • Sociological accounts of work
  • Transformations in technological and institutional conditions

Management and organisational learning, processes, change and innovation

  • Change management
  • Cross-cultural differences and self and group regulation in online learning
  • Collective organising and social learning processes
  • Decision-making under radical uncertainty
  • The development of business and management practices
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Formal and informal learning in organisations
  • Green HRM
  • Higher education management
  • Knowledge management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Managing inter-organisational relations in complex services
  • Management practices
  • Operations management
  • Serious games and the contribution of gamification to organisational learning and innovation
  • Strategic change
  • Supply chain management and behaviour
  • Supply chain analytics and modelling
  • Supply chain performance measurement systems
  • Sustainability and resilience in the supply chain 

Academic practices

  • Embodiment and affect in research
  • The politics of academic knowledge production
  • Research ethics
  • Research methods

Academic Publications

Full details of our research publications can be found on Open Research Online and via our staff pages.


Members of the Department teach across undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education modules in areas such as organisational behaviour, management of learning and change, professional development, human resource management, creativity, leadership, innovation, organisational culture and organisational development. We also run the CIPD accredited MSc in Human Resource Management.

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