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New OU / BBC co-production The Bottom Line is back

A new eight-part series of the OU/BBC collaboration The Bottom Line on Radio 4, presented by OU honorary graduate Evan Davis (pictured), starts on Thursday 3 February.

Dr Ali Ataullah (Professor in Finance), Dr Cristiana Bernardi (Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Financial Management) and Dr Carien van Mourik (Senior Lecturer in Accounting) are the OUBS academic consultants for the business conversation programme with people at the top giving insight into what matters.

The programme is broadcast at 20:30 every Thursday and repeated on Saturdays at 17:30. The podcast is available on the Radio 4 website following transmission.

You can find out more about The Bottom Line via the new Broadcast and Partnerships website which has extensive content in connection with this and past series, as well as business in general.