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Professional Knowledge Bank: articles and expertise

New Article: A Learning Journey 

In this new article, Alumnus John Morris takes a look back over his learning journey and shares his experiences from 11 Plus failure to MBA graduate.




Featured articles

Collaboration: Turning Aspirations into Reality

Alumni Andrew Humphries and Linda McComie take a deep dive into the complex nature of organisational collaboration in this brand new article, part of a series of articles they have written on collaborative relationships.

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Are contracts the enemy of good relationships in outsourcing?
Is Collaboration Value a Mirage?

Craig Smith

Internal communications and employee engagement in a hybrid working world

Alumnus Craig Smith shares details of the five most popular episodes from his podcast, Engaging Internal Comms, which captures the ideas of a range of professionals working in internal comms and employee engagement.

Picture of Tracy Smith

Neurodivergence in Work: Developing a Culture of Disclosure

Alumna Tracy Smith examines the often difficult decision whether to disclose a hidden disability, the benefits of doing so for both organisation and employee, and what managers can do to support the development of a culture where disclosure is encouraged. 

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How you can contribute

In the competitive world of career development, publishing an article or a series of articles can boost your CV and enhance your reputation with colleagues and peers. Our web repository gives a highly reputed, long term online presence for articles written by OUBS alumni. Benefits include:

  • Demonstrating expertise in your field
  • Generating traffic to your LinkedIn profile or company website
  • Growing your networking opportunities with other OUBS alumni
  • Impacting links to your publication on related sites; the article can also be cited in other writing

If you are interested in contributing an article or would like to find out more about guidance for your writing please contact OUBS-Alumni.