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Alumni Council

Alumni are vital to the continued success of The Open University Business School (OUBS).

The Alumni Council plays an integral role within the School, its mission is to support the success of OUBS, its students and alumni through:

  • enhancing Alumni networks to create a global community that is inclusive, innovative and responsive and delivers value to its members;
  • building the reputation of the School to the benefit of its students and alumni and building the capacity of Alumni networks to promote the reputation of the school;
  • responding to requests from the School’s senior team for advice on key topics (for example on enhancing the employability of its graduates, building reputation with employers, or the development of new qualifications and courses);
  • advising on and supporting achievement of philanthropic donations to support the School’s mission.


The Vision of the Alumni Council is to support the development of the OUBS global reputation and brand to the benefit of its students and alumni and to foster a global alumni network which delivers outstanding value for its members and the school.


The Alumni Council enshrines the School’s core values to be open, inclusive, innovative and responsive. It promotes and supports these principles by leadership and example.

The Alumni Council meets with senior management and advises the Stakeholder and Alumni Engagement team on the development and delivery of strategic alumni engagement activity.

Periodically, we appoint new members – if you think you might like to join, please email us to register your interest. When we run our next recruitment drive we will contact you with details of how to apply.