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Who Gives a blog

A short synopsis of why he blogs and why you should too. 

Author Dave Stewart 

Dave is an OUBS MBA alumnus who has led at executive and non-executive director level in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. He is a Chartered Director, and holds fellowships with the Institute of Directors and Institute for Leadership & Management. 

He set up the Fresh Air Leadership Company to help leaders and teams work out who they are and what it is to lead well in their worlds. Dave regularly writes his own blog.

Who gives a blog? 

Who cares about the musings we post on-line? 

I do. As do others it seems. Let me blog my thoughts on this. 

My mentor said I should blog. Establish a tempo of activity and interesting content, and potential clients will find me. 

“Tempo” and “interesting”! How would I achieve this?

I was in the wrong head-space from the start. It was as if I was unconsciously carrying an expectation of externally judged excellence. I had a fear of falling short, a limiting throwback to school perhaps. 

The breakthrough came when I started to frame blogging as an exercise in getting clear about my point of view, or starting a virtual discussion about something I was curious about. 

It was about thinking and learning through engagement with myself and with others “out there”. It was a learning process which was brought to life through the act of writing. 

And the more I blog so the back-catalogue grows. It is a resource to be mined for thoughts on various subjects and themes. A body of evidence to witness my credibility and curiosity in chosen fields. A series of conversations which give shape to my thinking and my business. 

And also an attractor, just as my mentor said. By posting my blogs on Twitter and various LinkedIn groups, I am reaching people who want to engage. Some with the topic, and some with my business. Ultimately blogging is helping me engage into the world of real, physical face-to-face meetings. 

So, who gives a blog? 

I do. What about you? 

Dave Stewart 
The Fresh Air Leadership Company

 © Dave Stewart, 2014
Article last updated 2022

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