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MK Business Network

At The Open University Business School we are aiming to widen our contribution to and involvement with the business community through the development of a local Business Network in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.

The Network seeks to create a collaborative group of individuals from the commercial sector and the Business School, who will explore together ways to share expertise, collaborate on research funding and consultancy projects, and identify opportunities for professional education and training.

The benefits for the business community are access to leading research, collaboration and support for government funding initiatives. For information on our next Business Network Breakfast Briefing, please see our event listings.

Money and emotions

In these video highlights from the 5th July 2012 Breakfast Briefing , Mark Fenton-O'Creevy, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, draws on findings from a three year study of traders’ and investors’ decision-making, and on a large survey conducted with the BBC of consumers’ emotional relationships with money.

11th July 2012

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