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Money and emotions

Formal economic theories of financial behaviour and prescriptive models of decision-making have little to say about the role of emotions. However, to even the most casual observer of economic life, markets are awash with emotions and emotions colour our daily decision-making.

In these video highlights from the 5th July 2012 Breakfast Briefing, Mark Fenton-O'Creevy, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, draws on findings from a three year study of traders’ and investors’ decision-making, and on a large survey conducted with the BBC of consumers’ emotional relationships with money. He considers not just the ways in which poor emotion management can lead to bad decisions for financiers, managers and members of the public, but also looks at the positive role emotions can play in effective decision-making.

Part 1: Emotions and the brain

Part 2: Managing emotions

Part 3: The research findings


The Breakfast Briefings are a series of face-to-face events, as part of The Open University Business Network. These events aim to foster collaboration and create an opportunity to explore together the latest and best of business thinking. We understand business and want to help your business flourish by sharing our insights into leadership and management at this series of collaborative events.