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Our students

Sergio Morales

I chose to do my MBA with the OU because of the incredible opportunity it gives you to study and work at the same time.

Sarah Pasby

The OU has changed my life! It gave me the opportunity to study the subjects I really love and access to my current career.

Heidi Daniels

The way you study with the OU helps equip you with new skills.

Tillmann Henssler

I would recommend the OU to anyone all over the world because you can fit it around your life. You can do the course online whenever you have time and it has a fantastic reputation.

Celia Morris

I would never have got where I am without the great opportunities that became available to me as a result of my Open University Business School studies.

Mica Fiedler

I would recommend the OU to anyone, especially the Business modules. If you run a business, then study Business and Management!

Jeremy Lane

With the OU MBA under my belt, I feel I will be able to make a positive impression in the workplace and beyond.

Kellie Stockenström

My tutors were incredibly supportive and were always available when I had questions or mini meltdowns! The student community was invaluable as well.

Laura Ellis

I feel so proud that I stuck at the work, even when it did get difficult or stressful, and when I received my result, it was all worth it!

Kianna Graham

I would definitely say the OU has changed me. This degree is going to change my life and inevitably is going to better my future.

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