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Our student stories

Our business degree is studied by a wide range of people from all backgrounds.

You can get a flavour of the different business students who study with us by viewing their testimonials.

image of James Bransgrove

James Bransgrove

I honed skills that help me in business to this day – I’ve always been self-motivated, but OU study took me to the next level. I learned how to adapt the way I communicate for different audiences and get my message across clearly.

Jessica Charlish

The Access module was fantastic. It really is an introduction to online University-style learning and gives you a taster of different elements of the degree, like law, business, HR, and marketing. Completing it boosted my confidence and helped me to see that I was much more capable than I thought.

Jacob Mackenzie

To anyone considering studying an Access module, I would thoroughly recommend it for boosting your confidence and getting your brain back into learning-mode. It helps you to appreciate how capable you really are. And I honestly think that if you can do the Access module, you can do a degree, so go for it!

Jamie Campbell

I am quite a risk averse person, but the MBA gave me a real sense of confidence. As with any new company there are challenges to face but having the MBA under my belt meant I was more empowered to tackle challenges and overcome those hurdles.

Eleri Jenkins

When you start learning with the OU you can't stop, I didn't realise that when I started!

James Markey

Being able to continue my education whilst working has given me such an advantage. I’ve been able to achieve everything that I’ve wanted to. It’s changed my life completely.

Elly Holmes

OU study is really rewarding and opens doors to lots of opportunities. It does require self-determination, but there’s flexibility available to make it easier to fit your studies around your other commitments.

Alan Morrison

My MBA provided me with a 'career parachute' when my role in my chosen career disappeared overnight.

Sergio Morales

I chose to do my MBA with the OU because of the incredible opportunity it gives you to study and work at the same time.

Sarah Pasby

The OU has changed my life! It gave me the opportunity to study the subjects I really love and access to my current career.

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