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Open University Apprenticeships are delivered flexibly to fit around your needs and provide high quality work-based learning for real career impact.

Business School related Apprenticeships are listed below. For more information on the individual courses, click on the links below, or go to the OU's dedicated Apprenticeship pages to find out more and browse the full range of qualifications.

Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship

Female apprentice talking to colleagueThe Open University Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship provides apprentices with higher level management skills, core competencies and desired behaviours to create leaders that can drive performance and productivity improvements in your organisation.

It’s a work-based learning programme that combines on and off-the-job learning and development and can be delivered flexibly around the demands of your workplace.

Senior Leader Apprenticeship

Senior leaders in a meetingThe Senior Leader Apprenticeship standard is designed to develop strategic leaders and potential leaders of the future.

A strategic leader is someone who has senior management responsibility, which may include formal governance or director responsibilities. They are responsible for setting strategy, direction and vision, for providing a clear sense of purpose and driving strategic intent.

Our Senior Leader Apprenticeship will develop inclusive leaders who are responsible for developing ethical, innovative and supportive cultures with the ability to deliver results, manage complexity and instigate change.


Police ConstableThe Open University works closely and collaboratively with a wide range of police agency partners nationally, which has led to the institution becoming a supplier through the Police Educational Qualification Framework (PEQF). The two routes of the framework that the OU deliver are:

Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA)

The PCDA mixes on-the-job training with off-the-job learning and will provide the skills and knowledge needed for a policing career that will also lead to a nationally recognised degree qualification. It also provides officers with an income while they learn.

Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP)

The programme is aimed at degree-holders, attained in any subject area. This two-year practice-based programme enables candidates to perform the role of Police Constable. Successful completion results in achievement of a Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice.

Both programmes equips learners with the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to become a competent Police Constable.