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Our student stories

Our business degree is studied by a wide range of people from all backgrounds.

You can get a flavour of the different business students who study with us by viewing their testimonials.

Photo of John Gibson

John Gibson

I would recommend the OU Business School to anyone because of the high level of tuition and online material on offer. The degrees are recognised worldwide.

Image of Joe Finucane

Joe Finucane

I went from a Principal Consultant, to Associate Director, to Chief Technical Officer reporting to the CEO, all since graduating. This would not have been possible in this time frame without the MBA.

Image of Melanie Robinson

Melanie Robinson

If you're committed to changing your life by doing something you love, then study with the OU Business School. It's not just a qualification, it's a way of life. The skills you learn will be with you forever.

Image of Tim O'Donovan

Tim O’Donovan

My MBA studies have been inherently linked to my career progression, giving me the skills and confidence to take on new responsibilities and initiatives.

Image of Ehime Enahoro

Ehime Enahoro

I found the MBA programme very rewarding. It made me appreciate learning and exposed me to leadership theories which have practical applications both in the business environment and in life more generally.

Photo of Mike Redford

Mike Redford

Achieving my MBA gave me a new-found confidence and has helped with my career and own business development.

Maria Chenoweth

Maria Chenoweth

My encounter with the OU has been life changing. I have a new voice, new perspectives, and a new invigorated passion to make positive changes.

Photo of Julie Perry

Julie Perry

I’d come from a council estate in Sheffield and I’d found myself working in the City! But my MBA gave me the confidence to thrive within a very different culture.

Dominic Ball in Graduation cap and gown

Dominic Ball

Football is my passion – I still have dreams of playing in the Premiership. But with my degree, I hope that in time I can set up a business, maybe something to do with football, so that I have a career long after my days on the pitch.

Paul Mylrea

Paul Mylrea

My studies were excellent and allowed me to focus on areas I was interested in, and which were most beneficial to me. The MBA gave me the confidence to just get on with things.