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Our student stories

Our business degree is studied by a wide range of people from all backgrounds.

You can get a flavour of the different business students who study with us by viewing their testimonials.

Amanda Kindness

The best thing about my studies with the OU has been the ability to study online with flexibility and fitting module content around my employment.

Nick Bassan

I knew this is where I should be, and I wish that I’d studied at the OU years ago.

Eve Grisenthwaite

I believe that my studies with the OU have equipped me well to take a more reflective approach to day-to-day life, both in a professional and personal environment.

Bryan Steinauer

To anyone who is seeking a challenge and is eager to learn about business or accounting, I can thoroughly recommend the OU Business School.

Janina Bethscheider

My dad studied this MBA at the OU many years ago … then became my discussion partner during my own OU MBA studies!

Gordon MacKay

During my MBA studies with the OU, I was able to realise the power of others to do amazing things – this is what I call leadership.

Martyn Carroll

It’s lighting that fire inside again. When I finish the degree apprenticeship, I can potentially look for bigger and better jobs within South Western Railway.

Maggie Miller

Maggie Miller

Having left full-time education at 18, the OU MBA gave me the knowledge and confidence to build my career in multinational organisations in the UK and the US. I owe the OU a huge debt of gratitude for my success.

Photo of Candace Louison

Candace Louison

After redundancy, I’m shaping my future with the OU and GO Wales.

Image of Helen Russell

Helen Russell

I decided to study for both personal and career goals. I wanted to become a successful businessperson working within a field that I understood and felt passionate about.