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OUBS differentiates itself through a distinctive distance learning practice-based pedagogy, underpinned by our focus on practice-engaged research.

We expose students to a multitude of different perspectives and contexts, helping them to make connections and comparisons, and use their own organisation as a learning resource – encouraging them to apply their learning to the real workplace challenges that they face.

This fusion of theory with practice:

  • brings critical and empirically based perspectives to a student’s learning
  • embeds skills and understanding in the context of their own experience
  • develops self-assurance and stimulates independent lifelong learning
  • improves performance and job satisfaction
  • boosts career development
  • brings immediate benefits to employers, and an excellent return on investment to those sponsoring staff to study with us

It is also a highly effective professional development method, allowing busy people to test ideas and concepts, and develop new knowledge and skills in line with their organisation’s priorities. The success of this approach is clearly demonstrated by the employability of our students – OU graduates were ranked 13th for employability in a THE list compiled in 2015, above a number of Russell Group universities.

Study materials

OUBS modules typically attract mature students with considerable management experience, who expect module material to be engaging and relevant. Our learning materials exploit a wide variety of media, including print, web, audio-visual and face-to-face. They are inherently student centred, and are developed by an experienced multi-professional team including leading academics in the field, experts in learning technologies, global employers and professional bodies.

I love the freedom that the OU gave me. They provided me with a wide range of course materials like books, videos, and other materials, and they let me choose how I approached my coursework in a way that best suited me. The OU are so well built for the digital age and perfectly suited to me as an entrepreneur.

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Tutor support

Teaching is facilitated by a network of subject-specialist tutors who are also working professionals, bringing expertise and contemporary experience to contextualise learning. They guide, advise and support students throughout their studies, mark and give feedback on assignments, and provide group tuition.

‘Quality at scale’

The OUBS teaching model enables us to deliver consistent learning experiences at scale. Every student, no matter where they live, studies using robust, innovative and research-informed materials.

A truly international business school

We have more than 19,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students distributed across 80 countries round the world, leading to internationalisation without the need for student exchanges. They are encouraged to learn from and support one another, formally in tutorial groups and through online learning activities, and informally through module websites, student study areas, forums and chat rooms. In addition, students completing postgraduate qualifications automatically join a powerful international alumni network that will support them in their continuing personal and professional development (currently there are more than 28,000 MBA graduates worldwide and about 66,000 diploma and certificate members).

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