REEF’s research seeks to craft an empowering future for work in a rapidly changing world.

Its focus is upon methodological, conceptual and empirical research that contributes to a better understanding of the advances and practices that can help re-imagine empowering organisations of the future. It does so in ways that playfully and critically interrogate both traditional employment and post-employment relations, looking for innovative organisational practices as clues for more broadly egalitarian futures.

The Centre works with a range of organisations to fulfil its goals and is continually looking for new partners to expand its frontiers of knowledge. Our partnership with The People Space ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of HR practice.

REEF’s research makes a real difference to the practice of organisations, from influencing how organisations support employees experiencing menopause to how care can be better integrated to support trans adults.

It also enjoys strong partnerships with trade unions such as the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain, the Communication Workers Union and the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union, and with the environmental activism movement.


The People Space logoCircumstances are right for meaningful and fundamental change in the world of work. But what will that change look like – and what role will HR play in it?

We are partnering with The People Space throughout 2021 to highlight the issues and suggest how HR can help work to become radically better.

There has been a lot of discussion about the “future of work”, often as a point on an imagined horizon. However, there are changes taking place right now, including the use of new digital technology, the growth of the gig economy, and new forms of worker agency that will shape what future we get, for better or worse.

Dr Jamie Woodcock
Senior Lecturer in Management, OUBS


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