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Centre for Public Understanding of Finance

Enabling people to understand financial decision-making in a highly connected world.

We live in a complex and connected era in which people’s financial decisions depend not only on their personal circumstances, but also on the interconnected socio-economic institutions.

Against this background, the unintended negative consequences of wrong, uninformed, or biased decision-making can be disastrous not only for individuals but also for the society.

Empowering people to critically evaluate their decisions provides the potential for effectively tackling some of the world’s biggest and interlinked challenges such as the current coronavirus pandemic, climate change, sustainability issues and social inclusiveness.

Within this context, the Centre of Public Understanding of Finance (PUFin) seeks to:

  1. Lead and engage in events that will enable the public to interact with both academics and practitioners in order to increase their awareness of some of the major contemporary challenges and how these may impact their financial decisions.
  2. Develop a multi-disciplinary research agenda that will enable members of the centre develop research ideas pertaining to decision-making by individuals within a highly connected world.
  3. Engage with organisations (e.g. charities) and policymakers, where possible, in order to understand and influence mechanisms and/or systems that support people’s financial decisions. 

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