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MBA structure

The Open University MBA is designed to be completely flexible, so that you can fit it in with your life and plan your own way through it. As you progress through the modules, you can pick up other qualifications which will have a positive impact on your career:

Finally, on successful completion of Stage 2, you will be awarded the MBA (180 credits).

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When are the start dates?

Our MBA starts in May and November each year and you’ll need to register for your module at least one month before you start.

How long does it take?

You can take between eighteen months and seven years to complete your MBA, but most people opt for the three year programme (requiring about 12–15 hours of study per week), or the two year programme (20–25 hours per week). The diagrams below summarise the three and two year models. For course descriptions and a list of elective courses, please visit our MBA qualification page.

The MBA consists of 75% compulsory modules and 25% electives, so you can tailor it to suit your personal and professional development.

Examples of the three-year and two-year MBA models are shown below.

Three-year MBA: option 1

To complete your MBA in three years you will need to spend approximately 12–15 hours a week on your studies.

 leaders of change (B875) (30 credits) will include a residential school.

Two-year MBA: option 2

You can complete the MBA within two years. This is a more intensive route which will be suitable if you can devote 20–25 hours a week to your studies.

 leaders of change (B875) (30 credits) which includes a residential school.

Elective modules

Elective modules offer you the opportunity to personalise your MBA to match your career aspirations and expectations. You’ll study 45 credits from the following elective modules.

  • 30 credits:
    • Business, human rights law and corporate social responsibility (W822)
  • 15 credits:
    • Contemporary issues in organisations (BB853)
    • Entrepreneurship in context (BB851)
    • Leadership and management of public services (BB852)
    • Supply chain management (BB849)
    • Sustainable creative management (BB842)

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