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People and Organisations

PhD students in the Department for People and Organisations

Students as Consumers? An Exploration of Higher Education Students Discourse and Experiences in the British Neoliberal University

PhD research by Carlos Azevedo

Multinational companies as social change facilitators; Opportunities, challenges and implications for global LGBT equality in adverse environments

PhD research by Chaka Bachmann

Community and Urban Resistance Leadership

PhD research by George Briley

The Concept of Creativity within Multicultural Virtual Teams Working Across Changing Trading Borders

PhD research by Paul Hemphill

Defining a capitals approach to evaluating the socio-economic benefits of space exploration

PhD research by Christopher Houghton

An Ethnographic Study of the Embodiment of Ethical Leadership in the Context of a UK National Children’s Charity

PhD research by Kay Logan

Emotional Intelligence and the Manager's Identity: A Discursive Analysis

PhD research by Joan Noguera

The Older Worker

PhD research by Tim Pitts

How has Brexit Impacted EU Citizens Sense of Identity and Belonging in the Workplace? How Should Employers Respond?

PhD research by Laura Reeves

Populist Leadership in Organisational Context; the Case of Crimea Annexation and its Influence on Russian Business Culture

PhD research by Olga Solovyeva

The Experience of Endometriosis in the Workplace and the Influence of Menstrual Policy

PhD research by Vickie Williams

Experiences of Mental Health Service Users: From Self-management and Self-governance to User-led Services

PhD research by Katy Woodger

Mindful Emotion Regulation and Intelligent Emotion Regulation in Debiasing Sunk-Cost Fallacy

PhD research by Ernest Wong