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Strategy and Marketing

PhD students in the Department for Strategy and Marketing

The Application of Games and Gamification within a Multi-National Corporation Training Context

PhD research by Olamide Akintimehin

Researching the lived experience of organisational paradox through contradictions and tensions, and its impact on organisational life

PhD research by Rosie Boparai

Combating climate change: an integrated social marketing communications approach

PhD research by Zaineb Bouharda

A study on the influence of a spokesperson on green advertising effectiveness

PhD research by Issam Fawaz

Open Innovation in Supply Chains: The Role of Supply Chain Collaboration In Building Resilience and Innovation In SMEs

PhD research by Benard Iyegudu

Servicescape as a value creation tool: Evidence from the United Kingdom

PhD research by Dimitri Kennedy

How much thinking is sufficient for green demarketing to work? How Motivation, Opportunity, and Ability factors influence elaboration, scepticism, and resultant persuasiveness of sufficiency green demarketing appeals.

PhD research by Kora Korzec

Explore the role of brand activism in the counter-democracy

PhD research by Mingru Li

E-health services: the intervention of digital technology on consumers’ health experience and wellbeing

PhD research by Simona Radu

Analysing the evolution of free-to-play mobile gaming in the Covid-19 pandemic through its sub-categories and associated user experiences

PhD research by Divyansh Sachan