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FutureLearn and The Open University announce MOOCs for credit

Learners will now be able to use its massive open online courses (MOOCs) to earn academic course credits towards degrees and an MBA, professional qualifications and formal CPD accreditation.

26th May 2016

Personal financial advice from the experts

A forum held by True Potential PUFin to launch its latest free online course asked financial luminaries on the forum panel “What one piece of personal finance advice would you give?”

25th April 2016
Graphic image of employee at desk

When all that we count becomes all that counts: HR at the heart of the productivity shift

The new productivity culture replaces top-down coercion with bottom up empowerment strategies and HR is at its heart, but what is the dark-side of this shift?

13th April 2016

New External Advisors join OUBS’ Masters Programme Committee

The Open University Business (OUBS) is pleased to announce two new External Advisor appointments. Dr Priya E. Abraham has been appointed as the External Industry Advisor and Professor Colin Beard joins as the External Academic Advisor.

11th April 2016

Working carers: a problem for organisations?

In the West, we are all living longer. While this is undoubtedly a triumph in terms of advances in medicine, nutrition and lifestyle, at the same time, it has thrown up a huge challenge for families, communities and institutions who have to work out how to care for elderly people for much longer periods of time than ever before.

21st March 2016

The ‘always on’ workplace: opportunities, risks and how to make it work

Today there is potentially an “always on workplace”, and this introduces exciting possibilities of better balance between work and leisure with many reporting increased levels of satisfaction. However, a potential increase in work intensification, and people’s struggles to detach from work, reminds us that with the possibilities come the problems.

15th March 2016

Planning for extreme weather disruption

Headlines can paint a picture of the UK economy struggling with extreme weather conditions – businesses forced to close, employees not paid because they can’t get to work, and road and rail networks grinding to a halt. But we’ve found, from our three-year project investigating how businesses and people react during disruptions, that this isn’t the case.

14th March 2016

With Michigan triumph, Sanders proves the US need not settle for the ‘inevitable’

The media and political establishment have been ready to write off Bernie Sanders for some time. Not so fast.

9th March 2016

Has HR lost the strategic ground?

In this short video, Professor David Wilson, Professor in Organisation Studies at The Open University Business School, discusses the changes that have impacted on HR's standing in organisations over the past 10 years and what he sees as the challenges ahead.

1st March 2016

‘We need to talk about Money’: Breaking down personal finance taboos through online courses

Sharon Collard, Professor of Personal Finance Capability at the OUBS looks at the work being carried out by the True Potential PUFin, to help improve the UK’s personal finance capability through the development of online courses for the general public.

1st March 2016