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OUBS shortlisted for Association of MBAs Innovation Award

The Open University Business School (OUBS) has been shortlisted for the Association of MBAs (AMBA) Innovation Award 2016, for a second consecutive year. The AMBA Awards celebrate MBAs at the forefront of leadership excellence.

12th January 2017
Picture of Dr Fiona Harris

What is HR's role in ethics?

Multiple pressures can lead to undesirable business behaviour, so what can HR do to ensure companies remain ethical?

11th December 2016
Open University Business School: A year of insight image

Open University Business School: A year of insight

Download this free ebook featuring a year of insights from The Open University Business School (OUBS). This ebook collates a year of world-class thinking from OUBS, one of HR Magazine's HR Most Influential partners.

30th November 2016
Picture of John Lewis Oxford Street

A better way of doing business: Why it’s time to revisit John Lewis

With poor governance hitting the headlines, it's worth revisiting the John Lewis Partnership for a case study of a different way of doing things.

22nd November 2016

Investors more concerned about cost of foreign holidays than Brexit effect on investments

Fallout from the Brexit vote has seen the foreign exchange value of the pound sterling plummet 17% against the US Dollar and 14% against the Euro. Research has found that consumers have insufficient knowledge about the impact and ramifications of the falling foreign exchange rate of the pound on equity markets.

21st November 2016
Trump and the triumph of hopeful nihilism EPA/Michael Reynolds

Trump and the triumph of hopeful nihilism

For many US voters, the election of President Donald Trump is a worrying step backwards. But for many others, his rise to power is an exciting opportunity for national renewal.

10th November 2016
The Centre of Voluntary Sector Leadership logo

Smaller charities top the list for consumer trust

Small and local community charities are second only to doctors on a list of the professions and organisations most trusted by UK consumers, according to research conducted by The Open University Business School’s Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership.

7th November 2016
Trump private plane

Both Trump and Clinton would see the US run like a corporation

There is little evidence that his view is shared by the current candidates. Between Trump’s self-proclaimed business acumen, and Clinton’s Wall Street funded campaign, what we have is new escalation of corporate power in politics. It is not enough for corporations to pull the strings of government behind the scenes. They also want to fundamentally transform democracy and its leaders into their own self-obsessed image.

3rd November 2016

Business Legitimacy: ‘Staying on the “right” side of public opinion… and how to avoid controversy’

This briefing explained what legitimacy is; why it is important to your business in the short and long-term; and how it can help your business adapt and survive in the future.

2nd November 2016

Resources for SMEs: Finance

Dr Jane Hughes, Lecturer in Accounting at The Open University Business School shares insights that will help SMEs grow. In this series of four short videos, Dr Hughes shares her perspective into how cashflow should be managed, why financial forecasting is essential for SMEs, how businesses can cope with economic changes and the different forms of finance available to SMEs.

1st November 2016

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