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Social and Responsible Marketing

The SRM research cluster draws on the Department of Strategy and Marketing’s scholarly expertise in social marketing, marketing ethics, marketing creativity, corporate social responsibility, social enterprise and voluntary sector marketing and sustainable and ethical consumption.

Three major research themes are:

Social Marketing and Behaviour Change

This research theme addresses the principles and practice of social marketing aimed at behaviour change interventions for societal wellbeing. Key research areas include strategic social marketing and innovation, health, social welfare, and sustainability. Theoretical interests in this area include attitude change models and communication theories aimed at positive behavioural change.

Responsible Marketing and Consumption

This thematic area addressing issues of responsibility, ethics, and sustainability in marketing and consumption. Research topics include ethical and sustainable consumption, marketing for social enterprises and voluntary sector organisations, the impact of commercial marketing on consumer behaviours, marketing for cultural and societal wellbeing, and the use of creative approaches to researching and teaching marketing ethics.

Strategic Marketing and Sustainability

A third thematic area within the cluster is strategic sustainability marketing and innovation. Potential Research topics of interest include strategic green marketing and management, cause-related marketing, sustainable entrepreneurship, sustainability knowledge and capabilities, corporate social responsibility and social innovation.



A number of these academics have been filmed talking about their research. Meet our academics.


CSR Communication and consumer responses

This study uses experiments to investigate what type of advertising would be best for communicating about CSR initiatives so that more positive consumer evaluations are likely.

Researchers: Dr Carmen Mal, Professor Gary Davies and Dr Fiona Harris

Competing Voices: An exploration of ‘other’ voices in a public health policy intervention

This project is using discourse analysis to consider how popular media covers public health interventions, focussing on the case of the UK sugar tax.

Researchers: Professor Elizabeth Daniel, Dr Fiona Harris, Dr Terry O’Sullivan

The influence of music in advertising

An experimental study exploring how different music affects consumers’ perceptions of advertising.

Researchers: Dr Morteza Abolhasani and Professor Gordon Liu