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The Open University, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Greater Manchester Police unite to launch perinatal mental health toolkit

A toolkit has been designed to enhance support for maternal mental health in the workplace as a result of a research study conducted by The Open University, Manchester Metropolitan University and Greater Manchester Police Association of Women in Policing.

8th May 2024

The latest Chocolate Scorecard highlights urgent need for industry change

The Open University is proud to be part of the 5th Edition of the Chocolate Scorecard that grades chocolate companies on their sustainability and ethics.

28th March 2024

The Open University awarded £7.7m to protect women and girls online

Researchers at The Open University have been awarded £7,730,000 from Research England to create a new centre for protecting women against violence online.

16th January 2024

How smaller businesses can become net-zero influencers and enablers

Richard Blundel, Professor of Enterprise and Organisation and Director of the Centre for Social and Sustainable Enterprise, writes about how smaller businesses can become net-zero influencers and enablers.

17th October 2023

OU research reveals inequalities in employment leave for Early Pregnancy Endings

A ground-breaking research paper from The Open University, the University of Plymouth, the University of Essex, and University College London has unveiled significant inequalities in the paid leave parents receive when facing an early end to pregnancies.

12th October 2023

OU secures a further £600k to fund research into improving how Police investigate cases of rape and sexual violence

A team of researchers from the OU’s Centre for Policing Research and Learning (CPRL) has secured another year’s funding (£600k) to continue their work, alongside Police to improve the way rape and sexual offences are investigated. 

24th August 2023

Nearly 1 in 2 school leavers in England have reconsidered going to university, as cost of living soars

The Open University has commissioned a new survey of 18–19-year-olds in England which shows that nearly 1 in 2 (49%) have reconsidered going to university in the last year because of the rising cost of living. 

11th August 2023

OU researchers secure €350,000 for social innovation research

Researchers from the OU's Faculty of Business and Law are collaborating with universities, research centres and small and medium-sized enterprises across Europe on a new project to decarbonise the continent.

22nd February 2023

New research finds the biggest predictors of future wealth

According to new research, your planning capabilities and attitude towards money are two big drivers when it comes to accumulating wealth.

17th January 2023

Report uncovers several areas that urgently need addressing in the investigations of rape and other sexual offences

Findings from Operation Soteria Bluestone, a report launched in 2021 as a response to the government End-to-End Rape Review, have revealed several areas that urgently need addressing in the investigations of rape and other sexual offences (RAOSO).

16th December 2022

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