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OU researchers secure €350,000 for social innovation research

Researchers from the OU's Faculty of Business and Law are collaborating with universities, research centres and small and medium-sized enterprises across Europe on a new project to decarbonise the continent.

22nd February 2023

New research finds the biggest predictors of future wealth

According to new research, your planning capabilities and attitude towards money are two big drivers when it comes to accumulating wealth.

17th January 2023

Report uncovers several areas that urgently need addressing in the investigations of rape and other sexual offences

Findings from Operation Soteria Bluestone, a report launched in 2021 as a response to the government End-to-End Rape Review, have revealed several areas that urgently need addressing in the investigations of rape and other sexual offences (RAOSO).

16th December 2022

New OU research finds future of small bakery businesses at risk

Research conducted by Emma Bell, Professor of Organisation and Leadership at the Open University Business School, found that the rising costs of flour and energy pose some serious challenges to bakery owners.

8th November 2022

Education key to busting menopause myths says leading OU expert

A long awaited report by an All-Party Parliamentary Group into the menopause has finally been published and it is calling for more urgent help for women.

18th October 2022

It’s GOZERO for Richard and the research team

OUBS academic Professor Richard Blundel and other members of a multi-disciplinary research team have secured funding for a 20-month study of the governance of decarbonisation in small businesses titled GOZERO.

31st August 2022

A Digital Competence Framework for the Third Sector

In the post-COVID context there is a need to embrace and adopt the digital tools and practices we have become accustomed to for the longer term.

With this in mind, the EU3Digital consortium is proud to launch A Digital Competence Framework for the Third Sector.

26th July 2022

Our daily bread – how craft bakers fared during the pandemic and what happens now

As the cost of living continues to rise researchers at The Open University (OU) are looking into how craft bakers are faring in an uncertain future.

24th June 2022

Greenwashing: how ads get you to think brands are greener than they are – and how to avoid falling for it

The green advertising trend is growing fast. But are these ads truly reflective of improvement when it comes to production practices, or is this just another example of greenwashing?

23rd June 2022

Small bakery owners: we want your views!

Help us to create a better understanding of the state and needs of small bakeries in the UK

13th June 2022

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