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C-19 Innovation and Leadership Series

The Whole Thing logoOUBS partnered with The Whole Thing Group to bring you a series of panel discussions with a select group of leading, international board level executive leaders faced with steering their business through the C-19 pandemic.

This is a unique opportunity for you to hear the experiences and lessons learnt by expert leaders and directors of change. Each panel discussed one of our four business critical themes affected by this crisis: BusinessCommunicationFinance and Social.

The series was co-hosted by Professor George Frynas, Professor of Strategic Management at OUBS, and Simon Wallace, MBA Graduate and founder and managing director of The Whole Thing Group. George has also written a blog for our 'Business and Law in the time of COVID-19' series, that highlights some of the key points from the series.

Webinar 1 - Business Innovation and Leadership

Guest panellists

  • Phil Atherton, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Portmeirion Group PLC
  • Bernard Ross, CEO and Founder at Sky Medical Technology
  • Craig Chambers, Group CEO of TBR Global Chauffeuring

Webinar 2 - Communication Innovation and Leadership

Guest panellists

  • Lianne Braganza D’Sylva, Chief Marketing Officer at Cigna Insurance Middle East
  • Kate Pain, Associate Director, Digital Strategy and Capabilities, at Astellas Europe
  • Sara Roberts, founder and CEO at Healthy Nibbles

Webinar 3 - Finance Innovation and Leadership

Guest panellists

  • David Roberts, Chief Financial Officer at Bladon Micro Turbine
  • Catherine McManus, Partner and Head of Tax at Wylie & Bisset LLP
  • Tom James, CEO and CIO of TradeFlow Capital Management Pte Ltd

Webinar 4 - Social Innovation and Leadership

Guest Panellists

  • David Frost, Group Organisational Development Director at Total Produce Plc
  • Tamara Egbedi, CEO & Co-Founder at PachaMama Food
  • Emma Seymour, VP Worker Welfare at Expo 2020 Dubai