Case studies

North Yorkshire Police

An example of our delivery and its impact is showcased in our partnership with North Yorkshire Police (NYP).

A unique aspect of the programmes is that they are co-delivered by both NYP and the OU. The OU largely delivers the academic and legal content, while NYP delivers the practical work-based knowledge and its application. This allows each partner to deliver to their key strengths and expertise.

Andrew McGregor-Taylor, Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship Implementation Manager at NYP, says going digital and partnering up with the OU has really helped the force deliver on its aims.

Because of the nature and geography of North Yorkshire Police we are moving to a more digital way of delivering training. The Open University’s background of online learning, its vast knowledge and how they were set up originally to ensure anybody could get a degree was a real attraction for us.

Andrew McGregor-Taylor
Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship Implementation Manager at NYP

This collaborative partnership was united in its mission to design learning that is engaging, interactive, but also flexible enough to meet the professional and personal demands of the student officers, who are required to combine full-time work with their degree-level studies.

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