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Tim O’Donovan

Image of Tim O'Donovan

Tim – an IT Manager and OU MBA Student of the Year in the 2019-20 Student and Alumni Awards – has received two promotions since beginning his MBA with the OU Business School in 2016. He shares his story.

“I chose the OU MBA programme for many reasons. It was a flexible, accredited programme with a great reputation and good reports from former students. As an IT professional, my career had plateaued, and while it may have been the easy choice to pursue project management or analytical specialisations to help with personal and career development, the OU MBA offered the depth and breadth that matched my goals.

“The course was not only academically rewarding and rigorous but it was really interesting too. My study experience was excellent. The quality of tutors, content, resources and in-person events all led to an excellent learning experience.

“My MBA helped me to think in different ways, and it’s been instrumental in my career progression.

“I am currently an IT Manager, which is a position achieved following the MBA. I would think my employer and colleagues appreciate the new perspectives and thinking processes that I gained during my studies, and which now shape my approach to my role.

“I strongly believe my MBA studies have been inherently linked to my career progression, giving me the skills and confidence to take on new responsibilities and initiatives. This resulted in two separate promotions – once during my studies, and then once immediately after.

“I've essentially achieved my medium-term career goal. Achieving those professional goals has meant I can now focus better on my personal life – since finishing my studies, I’ve got married and we had our first baby in April 2021.

“I was crowned as MBA Student of the Year in the 2019-20 Student and Alumni Awards, which was a shock to be honest, but it was great to have the hard work acknowledged in this way.

“I would certainly recommend studying with the OU Business School. Just be sure to be diligent about committing time to review and study.”