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Ehime Enahoro

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Business consultancy owner Ehime Enahoro embarked on the OU MBA knowing he would have his work cut out to balance his career, family responsibilities and studies. He shares his story.

“I decided to study the MBA to boost my career progression. I wanted to learn key business practices, to prepare me for senior management opportunities in my career and to support me to help my consultancy business to grow. I knew that an MBA would expose me to all areas of business.

“I studied part time as I had to juggle my studies with my family responsibilities and work. Balancing all this wasn’t the easiest task but The Open University’s flexible approach to learning meant I was able to make it work. 

“The flexibility of the programme was second to none – it was the best thing about the course. But I had many good experiences during my OU study. The engagement with tutors and colleagues, and the residential and day schools were brilliant.

“I found the MBA programme very rewarding. It made me appreciate learning and exposed me to leadership theories which have practical applications both in the business environment and in life more generally. I ventured into human resources, accounting, supply chain management, strategy, marketing, change management, operations, finance and so on. 

“I am currently focusing on building up and growing my consultancy. I offer businesses support with Microsoft cloud, change management, content services and corporate training. I am currently looking to take the business to the next level.

“I am also busy identifying new senior management opportunities in finance, and doing what I can to give back to my community.

“I self-funded my study, which was challenging at the time, but I found ways to scale through the obstacles, thanks to the opportunity to space out modules and to use different funding options.

“I would recommend the OU to anyone, due to the wealth of different courses and the flexibility it offers.

“I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m so grateful to my family for their patience, even when it looked like there was no end in sight. And I’m thankful to myself, that I was able to maintain my enthusiasm to learn throughout. I’m also so grateful to my wonderful tutors who took the time and effort to give me all the attention and support I needed. They brought out the best in me. And I’m grateful to my friends, course colleagues and work colleagues who helped me to keep moving forwards to achieve my goals. My MBA was a wonderful experience.”