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Learning at Work Week 2024

This year, Learning at Work Week runs from 13 to 19 May 2024 and focuses on the theme of ‘Learning Power’ which encapsulates three key strands: power to grow, power to connect and power to engage. Ultimately, the theme is designed to explore how lifelong learning gives us the power to achieve our individual, team and organisational goals. 

If you want to get involved, take a look at some of our brilliant learning resources below – all are free and designed so that you can dip in and out at any time. 

You can also explore more topics on OpenLearn, the OU’s award-winning learning platform and partner of Learning at Work Week, where you can sign up for exclusive access to courses that will support you and your employees at work (teamwork, communication, personal development) and beyond (finance, retirement planning, language learning).

So, whether you’re interested in achieving life or work goals, building connections or supporting engagement and action, we hope you find some inspiration and value in this year’s Learning at Work Week.

Advice Traps: How to avoid them & produce more energy for change

Wednesday 15 May 2024, 11:00am - 12:00pm (BST)

Advice-giving is counter-productive when it does not produce energy for change. This session will help you to spot 'advice traps' before you fall head-first into them, demonstrating the differences between advice-giving and taking a non-directive, coaching approach.

Whatever your experience of advising or being advised; whatever you'd like to get from, or do within, a coaching or mentoring role - come along and explore with us in this free webinar.

Catch-up and watch the recording in YouTube: Watch video

Power to grow

Explore the resources below to discover learning that can help us grow, develop and reach our goals while maintaining positive attitudes and mindsets to learning.

Entrepreneurship – from ideas to reality

Are you looking to set up your own business? Are you wondering how to turn your ideas into reality? Discover more about setting up and running your own business in this free course.

How limits can boost your creativity

Want to be more creative? Try setting yourself some limits. It might sound counterintuitive, but experts believe constraints can actually be helpful for creativity - up to a point. So get your creativity flowing with these helpful tips.

The Business Barometer podcast series

Three in four employers struggle to access the skills they need. These shortages are affecting their ability to recruit, grow, innovate and succeed. This podcast series explores what organisations can and are doing to address skills gaps.

Power to connect

What can we learn from people outside our normal working lives? How can we foster relationships, innovation and different ways of working?

The power of quiet leadership

What can quieter approaches to leadership bring to the table? In this webinar, Jacqueline Baxter, Professor of Public Leadership and Management at The Open University Business School, explores how to encourage introverts to take up leadership roles.

Bringing your 'whole self' to work

It’s become the mantra of many employers, and the expectation of some employees, but what does bringing your whole or authentic self to work actually mean, and should companies encourage it? Host Evan Davis and guests discuss in this episode of the BBC and OU co-production The Bottom Line.

Working in diverse teams

The world we live and work in continues to change at a great rate and this impacts on the teams we work in. In this course you will consider why diversity has increased and consider the benefits and difficulties of working in teams of an increasingly diverse character and remote teams.

Power to engage

How can we use learning to understand the significant global shifts we're experiencing and help allay anxieties, build confidence and support engagement and action?

An introduction to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents great opportunity but also significant disruption for modern societies. This free course is aimed at people interested in understanding the kinds of opportunities and risks AI might bring to society, and what steps we might take to avoid such risks.

What sustains a sustainable business?

Explore how the relationships between care, resilience and innovation can help to build sustainable organisations for better business and a better planet in this interactive content.

Developing career resilience

Do you sometimes wish you were more resilient when faced with changes at work? Do you have career plans but feel unsure about progressing with them? Then this free course will help you to build your resilience and approach career-related change with greater confidence and motivation.

Formal learning

If any of this has inspired you to explore studying with us, please visit our Study pages and find out more about all our courses. You can also find out more about all the courses The Open University offers on the website.

Campaign for Learning

Learning at Work Week takes place in May every year. It is coordinated by the Campaign for Learning and activities are led by companies and organisations in their workplaces.