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Vickie Williams

Research Student

Vickie Williams is affiliated with The Open University's Department of People and Organisations.
You can email Vickie Williams directly; but for media enquiries please contact a member of The Open University's Media Relations team.


Vickie's research focuses on the experience of endometriosis in the workplace and the influence of menstrual policy upon those experiences. She is supervised by Professor Joanna Brewis, Dr Cinzia Priola and Professor Kate Sang of Heriot-Watt.

Academically, she was awarded a first class honours in Business Management from King's College London. It was during this time that she developed an interest in gender and organisations, particularly the differing experiences of women within the workplace.

Prior to pursuing her full time PhD program, she worked as a Digital Account Director for seven years in film and creative agencies across London, alongside training in women's health. She later set up her own business in women's health supporting those with endometriosis and other gynaecological conditions.

She has presented on this topic, at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London and most recently at the International Critical Management Studies conference.

As someone with both personal and professional lived experience of endometriosis, she is interested in the challenges faced by women living with invisible and often debilitating gynaecological conditions within organisations and how work is structured/carried out in in relation to such conditions.

Current Research

The Experience of Endometriosis in the Workplace and the Influence of Menstrual Policy