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Divyansh Sachan

Research Student 

Divyansh Sachan is affiliated with The Open University's Department of Strategy and Marketing.

You can email Divyansh Sachan directly; but for media enquiries pleases contact a member of The Open University's Media Relations team.


Divyansh is a PhD student from the February 2022 cohort in the Department of Strategy and Marketing of The Open University Business School. His research is on the value co-creation strategy of firms in Free-to-play mobile gaming. 

He did his Master's in Sports Industry Management from Emlyon Business School and Bachelor's from Ashoka University in Sociology and Anthropology. During his Master's, he did projects with a major sports apparel brand and a digital marketing firm in China. His master’s dissertation was about the effects of branding with political attitudes on the consumption of sports leagues among Indian consumers. 

Before joining the OU Business School, he worked as Strategy Associate in a sports start-up based in Delhi-NCR. He has also worked on a research project with the Centre for the Eurasian Sport Industry, Shanghai. 

His research interests lie in the business of gaming, sports, entertainment and their various intersections. 

Current Research 

Analysing the evolution of free-to-play mobile gaming in the Covid-19 pandemic through its sub-categories and associated user experiences


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