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‘The OU was my perfect option after college’

When Kianna Graham, 21, had to decide what life would look like after college, she says The Open University was the only option.

Being able to continue working a job she loves and being surrounded by friends and family whilst furthering her education with a BA (Hons) degree in Business Management ticked every box.


University on my terms

I decided to study Business Management as I have always enjoyed studying business and would like to have a career within the field. What interested me about the course specifically was the opportunity to learn more about the different areas of the ever-changing business world and business skills.

Kianna recognises that whilst ‘going away’ to a brick university is still popular, it’s not the best option for everyone her age.

She says, “The OU has always been on my mind since college partly because the main campus in Milton Keynes is local to me but also I really liked that I could still work my retail job, which I love, whilst being able to further my learning and my studies.

“In my case, none of my friends were going to uni so it’d mean leaving home when I have everything I need right here.”

Kianna’s friends and family were fully supportive of her decision too. She adds, “They don’t view the OU any differently to a brick university. If anything, I feel more independent because I’ve decided I want to go to the OU, not because my friends are.”

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