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It's not just 'women's issues': the cost of women's reproductive health in the workplace

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Many industries are ignoring women's reproductive health conditions to their cost; conditions such as endometriosis which affects one in 10 women and as common as diabetes, and life-changing stages like menopause. 

But how do you support employees with these conditions? And how can you enable them to reach their full potential in the workplace?

Victoria Williams is a PhD student at The Open University Business School researching the experience of endometriosis in the workplace and Menstrual Policy.

Prior to pursuing her full time PhD programme, she was awarded a first-class honours in Business Management from King’s College London.

Victoria also worked as a Digital Account Director for several years in film and creative agencies across London, alongside training in women's health. She later set up her own business in women's health supporting people with endometriosis and other gynaecological conditions.

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