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GOP Celebration: Creating Memories and Researching from Memories

Tuesday, January 17, 2023 - 10:00 to 11:30

Celebrating Gender Spaces and Gender Research with GOP

Gendered Organisational Practice (GOP) are hosting two events in January celebrating gender spaces and gender research. This event, Creating Memories and Researching from Memories, will be held on 17 January 2023 10am - 11.30am and presented by Dr Marjana Johansson. Find out more about the second event held on 18 January 10am - 11.30am and titled Grounding my Gender Research - In Time by visiting its dedicated event page

This talk starts from a personal and political project (Johansson and Jones, 2020) begun a few years ago, on exploring and writing classed and gendered identities and histories. The project showed the power of sharing memories for (re)writing the self, and the role of the past as a source of knowledge. It led to an exploration of memory work as a feminist method for understanding the self as situated in historical and social relations, ultimately with an emancipatory goal. Memory narratives can be interrogated to see how social relations are reproduced or resisted through them, and they provide a collective space for exploring differences and solidarities. On this occasion of celebrating GOP, I hope to open up a conversation about what working with memories can do, and how they might inform organisational practices.

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Since its establishments in 2020, Gendered Organisational Practice (GOP) has hosted numerous gender researchers and practitioners, generated brilliant discussions, friendships and feminist solidarities across the globe. This frenzy of activity made us aware of how precious and illuminating our encounters can be and how important it is to create and nurture spaces where we can collectively contemplate gender equality, in academia and broader practice. To celebrate such spaces and all of you, we are hosting two externally facing events. We will also provide a padlet for you to engage with over the course of the two days, where you can have your say about GOP. We hope you can make it!

Dr Marjana Johansson

Dr Marjana Johansson is a Senior Lecturer at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. Her research interests include identities and differences in organisations, organisational power and inequalities, and language-sensitive research. Her current and recent research includes examining gender and knowledge production; gender and class in academia and in elite businesswomen’s autobiographies; and linguistic diversity in organizations. Her work has been published in journals such as Gender, Work and Organization, Human Relations, Organization, and Sociology.