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Two new microcredential short courses available through FutureLearn

The OU’s microcredential short courses continue to gather pace with 24 starting in March.

These include two new courses in Business Management; Business Management: People Management and Leadership and Business Management: Project Management.

Designed by our world-class academics, in collaboration with leading industry partners, courses are available in Computing and Digital Technologies, Teacher Development and Inclusive Learning, and Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability.

Hosted on our co-owned social learning platform FutureLearn, microcredentials provide a flexible way to upskill quickly and develop specialist knowledge to get ahead. They take just 10-12 weeks to complete, and learners will develop skills they can apply immediately.  

Whether you’re looking to futureproof your own career, or support your workforce to do so, take a look at our courses. Enrolment closes 14 March for postgraduate courses and 28 March for undergraduate courses.