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MBA alumnus hopes to stay ahead of the game in the fight against malaria

Mark Hoppé, an MBA alumnus based in Switzerland, is helping in the fight against the malaria mosquito. The insecticides that have been used to control malaria mosquitoes are becoming less effective, as the mosquitoes become resistant to them. This could greatly impact our ability to prevent malaria.

Until recently, Mark co-chaired one of the working groups of the Vector Control Working Group (VCWG) which has seen some of its members produce a new short course. The Massive Open Online Course on Insecticide Resistance Management (IRM MOOC) launched on Monday 25 July on digital learning platform FutureLearn. This free MOOC, funded by UK Aid and the IVCC, was produced by the University of Basel.

Mark graduated with our MBA in Technology Management, Innovation and Creativity in 2005. He is a Public Health Team Leader at agricultural science and technology providers Syngenta at its headquarters in Basel.

Pulling the MOOC together with material and input from volunteers from around the world, especially during a pandemic, was ‘fun’ (!) but I’m very pleased with the outcome. The hope is that if those involved in malaria mosquito control have a greater understanding of the issue, and how to address it, the effectiveness of the insecticide-based malaria prevention interventions can be prolonged.

Mark Hoppé
MBA alumnus (2005)