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Britain’s Housing Crisis Unveiled in New OU BBC Series

A pivotal new series co-produced by The Open University (OU) and the BBC premiered on BBC Two last week.

‘Britain’s Housing Crisis: What Went Wrong?’ provides an in-depth exploration of the UK’s housing market and sheds light on the various barriers to homeownership. The first episode can now be viewed on BBC iPlayer.

The first episode of the two-part series unveils the intricate challenges in the UK’s housing market and reveals a contrast between the dream of homeownership and the harsh reality faced by millions.

The second episode will air on BBC Two on Tuesday 24 October at 9pm and will focus on the scale of the crisis in Britain and investigates the decision-making that led to this point.

The series was created with input from OU academic consultants Dr. Michael Oliver, Senior Lecturer in Finance, and Dr. Martin Higginson, Senior Lecturer in Economics, and Staff Tutor in Social Sciences, who each provide expert insights and analysis throughout.

Improving financial confidence

Dr Martin Higginson is currently researching better methods to improve financial capability, helping people develop greater confidence in making personal financial decisions and in turn improving financial well-being.

Speaking on his involvement in the series, he said:

As one of the academics involved in helping shape the content of Britain’s Housing Crisis, I wanted to really make sure the issue of housing is contextualised as one that has evolved over many years, contrasting the rhetoric of governments about the dream of owning a home and the reality for many that such an aspiration is beyond their own realities. For many they are left with living in barely affordable rented accommodation that is often poorly maintained.

I am currently doing some research around the money challenges of Gen Z (18-25 year olds) and our findings from focus groups reinforce that, for many young adults, the mismatch between the words of politicians to own your own home and their current financial predicaments leads to both financial anxiety, and an acceptance that owning a home is not for them. All they want is somewhere decent and affordable to live.”

More content and exclusive interviews

Viewers can also explore additional online resources related to the series on the OU Connect Broadcast website. These resources include exclusive interviews with government officials and housing market experts, offering further insights into the critical matters addressed in the series.

This series was commissioned by Broadcast and Partnerships and is supported by the Faculty Of Business And Law, and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The series has particular relevance to BA (Hons) Business Management (Q91), MSc in Finance (F67), and BA (Hons) Economics (R30).

  • Commissioned by Dr Caroline Ogilvie, Head of Broadcast & Partnerships
  • Academic Consultants: Dr Michael Oliver & Dr Martin Higginson
  • Media Fellows: Alessandro Saroli & Dr Zoe Walkington
  • Broadcast Project Manager: Matthew Ray
  • Broadcast Platforms and Public Engagement Manager: Chris Belson

This article was originally published on the OU news website; click to read the original article.