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OU/BBC Co-pro The Bottom Line returns for new series

Evan Davis in the BBC Radio 4 studio

A new eight-part series of the OU/BBC collaboration The Bottom Line, supported by an academic consultant from the Business School, begins this month airing on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds.

OU honorary graduate Evan Davis (pictured) presents this business conversation show and discusses the big issues with business leaders from Britain and around the world.

Dr Haider Ali (Lecturer in Strategic Marketing, OU Business School) is the academic consultant for the new series which will cover topics such as profiteering by supermarkets.

The series examines business issues that are top of mind for both consumers and businesses.

Dr Haider Ali
Lecturer in Strategic Marketing at The Open University Business School

For over 10 years, Evan Davis and his panel of experts on The Bottom Line have been sharing their insights on a range of subjects facing businesses both nationally and globally and has covered topics such as what makes a good business book, how technology is changing recruitment, the profitability of podcasting, and whether too much choice can be a bad thing for shoppers.

The programme is broadcast at 20:30 every Thursday on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds with repeats on Mondays at 11:30.

Have a flair for business?

Get started on your journey with The Open University by discovering the range of qualifications and modules from the OU related to this programme:

You can also visit the OU Connect website to use a new interactive resource exploring how the choice of business model affects an organisation's success. Each episode will direct listeners to this interactive.

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