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Public Talk | Streets, Struggles and Solidarities with Professor Alison Pullen

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 - 18:30 to 19:30
OUBS Events Team

In this special International Women’s Day event, the brilliant feminist scholar, Professor Alison Pullen, explores the street as a powerful democratic institution that challenges the gendered division of public and private spheres.

‘Street’ is a metaphor of the possibility of assembly but also a metaphor for the reality of discrimination. Public space is both ambivalent and open to possibility. Public space movements which reclaim the street, such as Reclaim the Night, are not just about the importance of physical security for feminized subjects but also about a material site for the political potential of the embodied collective living and working together in pursuit of the promise of equality. This is a question of the public expression and realization of solidarities and struggles across and within intersectional differences. The street is the public space not accounted for in the historical distinction between the public- masculine – and the private – feminine.

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Alison Pullen

Alison Pullen is Professor of Management and Organization Studies at Macquarie University, Australia. Over the course of her career, Alison’s work has been concerned with analyzing and intervening in the politics of work as it concerns gender discrimination, identity politics, and organizational injustice. In the course of pursuing this agenda, Alison has become a prolific contributor to leading journals in the fields of organization theory, gender studies, and management studies. Alison is joint Editor-in-Chief of Gender, Work and Organization, Associate Editor of Organization and sits on the editorial board of Organization Studies among other journals. In addition, Alison has links with The Open University Business School, where she’s a visiting Professor.

Nela Smolovic Jones

Dr Nela Smolovic Jones is a gender academic and a Lecturer in Organisation Studies at The Open University's Department for People and Organisations. Her research focuses on the interface between gender and democratic practice, especially areas such as feminist solidarity building, democratic organising, equality at the workplace and institutional forms of gendered corruption.

Nela is also the founder and director of the Gendered Organisational Practice (GOP) research cluster. The cluster provides a space in which feminists of any gender can share insights and knowledge from academic study and practice. Maintaining its emphasis on solidarity, the cluster also focuses on gendered working bodies; feminist organising for democracy and against precarity; and gender and sexuality.