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Grace Blakeley: Recovering from the Corona Crash with a Green New Deal

Thursday, January 21, 2021 - 18:30 to 19:45
OUBS Events Team

Image of a wind turbine standing in a green field with mountain scenery and a rising sun in the backgroundCome and join esteemed author and economist Grace Blakeley for an online public lecture from The Open University’s Research into Employment, Empowerment and Futures (REEF) academic centre of excellence, as she discusses her new book, The Corona Crash.

The Corona crisis has devastated lives and economies, disproportionately harming the poorest and most vulnerable in our societies. So how do we build back in ways that enhance prosperity and health?

In this online public lecture, Grace Blakeley will draw on ideas from her new book, The Corona Crash (available to buy here), arguing that the pandemic will reshape the UK and global economies in profound ways. The question is not whether things will change, but how. This present moment therefore offers an opportunity to reshape the future in liberating ways. The time has come, Grace will argue, to organise for a Green New Deal, one that aligns climate justice with social and economic justice. 

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About the speaker

Image of Grace Blakeley

Grace Blakeley

Grace Blakeley is the author of The Corona Crash: How the Pandemic Will Change Capitalism. She is a staff writer at Tribune magazine, host of the 'A World to Win' podcast and author of 'Stolen: How to Save the World from Financialisation'.

Grace previously worked as a research fellow for the Institute for Public Policy Research and as the New Statesman’s economic commentator. She appears regularly in the media as a political and economic commentator, including appearances on Question Time, BBC This Week, and BBC Breakfast.