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Gendered Organisational Practice research cluster presents - Gaga Euphoria

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 - 12:30 to 13:30
Online with Gendered Organisational Practice (GOP) research cluster

This webinar explores the concepts of gender euphoria and gaga feminism.

The former has been described by some trans people as the joy that they have felt when they first experience an unbounded sense of self.

Gaga feminism, for Halberstam, is an attempt to open gender up from the limited and limiting cis-het binary and to celebrate other genders and gender identities. Gaga feminism is a call for feminists to be creative in how we understand and live our genders unlimited by the societal conventions and norms of patriarchy.

To paraphrase Lady Gaga song 'Do what you want':

You can't have my heart

And you won't use my mind but

Do what you want with your body

This event was presented by the Gendered Organisational Practice (GOP) research cluster at The Open University Business School in recognition of the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

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Title one

Dr Saoirse O'Shea

I'm a non-binary person and I joined The Open University in October 2020. I've published my research in various academic journals including: Sociology; Organization; Culture and Organization; Management Learning; Gender, Work and Organization.

l like cats, fashion, chocolate and rugby, in no particular order.

Research interests: How people, particularly those who are vulnerable and marginalised, are organised in heteronormative societies.

Qualitative analysis including ethnographic, autoethnographic methods and writing. Issues of vulnerability, precarity, marginalisation, power and gender.

I'm currently co-lead on a 3 year project with Leicester University concerned with the lived experiences of transgender and non-binary prisoners in the English and Welsh Prison Estate.