Programme for Tuesday 14 December 2021

09:30 - 11:00 Parallel Sessions

Military leadership boot camp

Chair: Keith Grint, Warwick Business School

Hidden Desires – A Critical Analysis of Military Leadership Narratives
Dr Caroline Micklewright and Wing Commander Daniela Nowalski, Exeter University and Royal Air Force

British Army Leadership – A Holistic Approach
Jeffrey Tibbett, Northumbria University

British Army Leadership. The leader says ‘come on’, while the commander says ‘go on’. Commanders are not leaders  
Bryan Watters, Cranfield University

Rebooting equalities

Chair: Nela Smolović Jones, The Open University
From Patriarchy to Gender to…? Reconsidering Studies on Gender and Leadership Through a Feminist Lens
Nicole Ferry, Copenhagen Business School

Care, confession, and construction of self
Johan Alvehus and Ola Edvin Vie, Lund University & Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Ethical stewardship: mapping out our best aspirations for ‘leadership’
Dr Marian Iszatt-White, Lancaster University

Jean Hartley

Keynote address with Q&A

11.30 - 12:30 (GMT)
'Rebooting leadership through public innovation'
Jean Hartley, The Open University
Chaired by Sarah Bloomfield

13:30 - 15:00 Parallel Sessions

Rebooting leadership language

Chair: Olga Solovyeva, The Open University

Constructing organizational reality: The role of leadership in interaction for enabling team identification
Lise Arvedsen and Magnus Larsson, Copenhagen Business School

Rhetorical Tropes in Defence of the Indefensible: Resisting Abolitionists and Environmentalists
Keith Grint, Warwick Business School

Leadership, Language and Visual Interpretation
Doris Schedlitzki and Gareth Edwards, London Metropolitan University and University of the West of England

Rebooting leadership thought

Chair: Sarah Bloomfield, The Open University

Rebooting with Nature: The Need for an Epistemological and Cultural Turn in Leadership Studies
Antonio Jimenez-Luque, University of San Diego, USA

Fictions in the study of leadership: Applying the philosophy of “as if”
Nathan Harter, Christopher Newport University

‘Gradually, then suddenly’: Re-booting democracy in the US
Sarah Chace, William M. Donaldson, Micah Sieck, Christopher Newport University

Rebooting equalities

Chair: Owain Smolović Jones, The Open University

In the spirit of fairness: Exploring how the leaders of a grassroots community organisation in Sussex attempt to secure distributive justice for all stakeholders
Dicle Kortantamer, University of Brighton

Rebooting Resetting or Getting Started: Pathways to Leadership for Women in South Africa and Mauritius
Shubashni Ramrekhaa, Linley Lord, and Jane Coffey, Curtin University

Let’s appoint a footballer [to the board] because he’ll know about governance
Linley Lord, Melissa Marinelli and Marian Tyec

Laptop closing

Keynote address with Q&A - Rebooting Resistance

15.15 - 16:15 (GMT)
David Collinson, Lancaster University and Keith Grint, University of Warwick
Chaired by Nela Smolović Jones, The Open University

16.15 - 17:15 (GMT) Closing conference panel and discussion

'Does leadership studies need a reboot?'
With guest speakers: Nicole Ferry, Suzanne Gagnon, Jacqueline FordDavid Collinson and Keith Grint
Chaired by Owain Smolović Jones, The Open University