Programme for Monday 13 December 2021

Helena Liu

Keynote address with Q&A

08.00 - 09:00 (GMT)
Helena Liu 'Leadership for justice, solidarity and love'
Chaired by Charles Barthold

09:15 - 10:45 (GMT) Parallel Sessions

Rebooting collective practice

Chair: Gary Walpole, Swansea University

Exploring Unknowingness as a route to Distributed Leadership
Sarah Bloomfield and Clare Rigg, The Open University and University of Suffolk

Leadership Practice in Asylum Seeker and Refugee Charities
Sally Vivyan, The Open University

Leading constituted in parallel with less-hierarchical organizing
Rita Järventie-Thesleff, Aalto University School of Business

Rebooting public leadership

Chair: Olga Solovyeva, The Open University

Exploring technopulist leadership discourse in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic: the case of Raoult and Hydroxychloroquine
Charles Barthold, The Open University

‘Ministering’: Rebooting Political Leadership Studies through analysing Government ‘Leadership-as-Practice’
Leighton Andrews, Cardiff Business School

Police leadership at the political interface 
Jean Hartley and Jane Roberts, The Open University

Jamie Woodcock

Keynote address with Q&A

11.15 - 12:15 (GMT)
Jamie Woodcock: 'Can there be leadership with machines?'
Chaired by Olga Solovyeva, The Open University

13:15 - 14:45 (GMT) Parallel Sessions

Rebooting collective practice

Chair: Sarah Bloomfield, The Open University

Polycentric order
Nathan Harter, Christopher Newport University

Leadership within ‘alternatives’
Stephen Allen and Dermot O’Reilly, Sheffield University and Lancaster University

Organizational Opinion Leadership in cooperative organizations in respect to critical theory
Lisa Chen, Steven Brown, Babu George and Peter Flett, SOAS, Georgia Gwinnet College, Christian Brother University and Stirling University

Rebooting authenticity

Chair: Marian Iszatt-White, Lancaster University

Authentic performances: Investigating the role of impression management in the understanding of authentic leadership
Dr Naveena Prakasam, University of Southampton

Creating authentic research experiences: navigating researcher identity tensions in ethnographic fieldwork
Fatemah Mohd K, Leadership Consultant and Researcher

Reproducing the exploitation of women workers through authentic leadership
David Hollis, Nela Smolović Jones, Owain Smolović Jones and Alex Wright

Material rebooting

Chair: Olga Solovyeva, The Open University

Inclusive Leadership: a relational materialist analysis of experiences of leadership/followership among disabled workers
Gemma Bend and Cinzia Priola, Huddersfield Business School and The Open University

Consonant and dissonant bodily vibrancies leading creativity at work: Exploring the materiality of leadership in organisations
Victor Perez, University of York

Re-reading leadership, ethics and care, a dialectical perspective
Nik Winchester, Daniel Haslam, Carol Jacklin-Jarvis, Kay Logan, Maria Wishart, The Open University

15:00 - 16:30 (GMT) Parallel Sessions

Rebooting with machines

Chair: Nela Smolović Jones, The Open University

Rebooting Burns with the JFK Source Code: Programming the Kennedy Legacy into Transformational Leadership
Simon Mollan and Leo McCann, University of York

Contexts and relational practices: A typology of multi-disciplinary team leadership 
Tracey Rosell, Cardiff University

Algorithmic Decision-Making: Challenges for Leaders
Ruxandra Alina Vodă, Tiffin University, Ohio, USA

Booting populism

Chair: Charles Barthold, The Open University

“Global Leadership Without Nations?: Globalism, Nationalism, and Leadership Studies”
Trevor Shelley, Arizona State University

Delusive Leadership of Tech Business in Russia
Olga Solovyeva, The Open University

Rebooting equalities

Chair: Nicole Ferry, Copenhagen Business School/strong>

Furthering personal development through management education – experiences and perceptions
Jari Ylitalo, Aalto University

Leadership for Women and Men in the 21st Century: Inclusion of historical power differences and both personal and social identity
Lisa Chen, Steven Brown, SOAS and Georgia Gwinnet College

Illusionary ecosystem leaders: How business incubators and accelerators reproduce inequality in entrepreneurship
Tomke J Augustin and Suzanne M Gagnon, Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba

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