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Trump private plane

Both Trump and Clinton would see the US run like a corporation

There is little evidence that his view is shared by the current candidates. Between Trump’s self-proclaimed business acumen, and Clinton’s Wall Street funded campaign, what we have is new escalation of corporate power in politics. It is not enough for corporations to pull the strings of government behind the scenes. They also want to fundamentally transform democracy and its leaders into their own self-obsessed image.

3rd November 2016

Business Legitimacy: ‘Staying on the “right” side of public opinion… and how to avoid controversy’

This briefing explained what legitimacy is; why it is important to your business in the short and long-term; and how it can help your business adapt and survive in the future.

2nd November 2016

Resources for SMEs: Finance

Dr Jane Hughes, Lecturer in Accounting at The Open University Business School shares insights that will help SMEs grow. In this series of four short videos, Dr Hughes shares her perspective into how cashflow should be managed, why financial forecasting is essential for SMEs, how businesses can cope with economic changes and the different forms of finance available to SMEs.

1st November 2016

Resources for SMEs: Strategy

Professor Thomas Lawton, Professor of Strategy and International Management at The Open University Business School shares insights that will help SMEs grow. In this series of four short videos, Professor Lawton shares his perspective into why having a clear vision is crucial for business growth and the importance of having a business strategy, the key to international success and how business models can adapt to change.

1st November 2016

Closing the skills gap – the recurring challenge

Britain suffers from stubborn skills shortages, which Brexit will only make worse. So how can business, education and government work together to solve things?

25th October 2016
The Centre of Voluntary Sector Leadership logo

Elite Business Schools join forces to strengthen leadership development for the voluntary sector

The Open University Business School and Cass Business School, University of London, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work collaboratively to further expand the provision of online leadership development for the voluntary sector.

25th October 2016
Learning at Work Week Impact Awards logo

Learning at Work Week Impact Awards

The winners of the 2016 Learning at Work Week Impact Awards have been announced by the Campaign for Learning. The awards, co-sponsored by The Open University Business School, are open to all organisations who participate in Learning at Work Week, which takes place in May each year.

19th October 2016
EFMD Global Network EOCCS Certified logo

The Open University Business School certified by EOCCS

The Open University Business School’s course Leadership and management in intercultural contexts, is one of the first courses to be certified by EOCCS (Online Course Certification System).

18th October 2016

Can quotas make gender equality happen in politics? Lessons from business

The number of women MPs in the British parliament is the highest it’s ever been. There are 191 women among the 650 MPs, up a third from the 2010 election. This has to be good news.

28th September 2016

Momentum’s first conference season will test its ability to turn protest into power

The British Labour Party’s annual conference in Liverpool finds it at a political and ideological crossroads. Yet a conference happening at the same time in the same city could be just as historically significant.

27th September 2016

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