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Dr Vera Krahmal

BS (Kiev), MSc (Oxford Brookes), PhD (Oxford Brookes)

Dr Vera  Krahmal

Profile summary

Professional biography

Prior to becoming an academic, Dr Vera Krahmal gained a broad experience as an analyst at a business valuation consultancy. After completing her PhD, Vera joined the Open University Business School in 2006. While at the OU, she has taught extensively across the various programmes and she has held various roles.

Research interests

Vera is an active academic whose research interests lie in management accounting, specifically in approbation of the policy and practice aspects of customer profitability management in service industries. Her particular research interests lie in challenges related to customer profitability analysis in service industry settings and in the benefits of implementing a customer profitability methodology to informed decision making. In addition to her research in management accounting, she undertakes consulting assignments and conducts seminars for a number of organizations. She has published books and journal articles, and is on the editorial board for academic journals.


Teaching interests

Vera's teaching interests span across accounting with a specific focus on management accounting. She has taught extensively at undergraduate and post graduate levels. Vera is currently a chair of Making a difference: the management initiative (B839) and module team member for Management Accounting (B292).


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Cost Management and Smart Cities: Evidence from Egypt (2018-04-09)
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