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Dr Saoirse O'Shea

a photo of me at my sister's house on the morning of her wedding.

Profile summary

Professional biography

Hi, I'm a non-binary person and I joined The Open University in October 2020. I've published my research in various academic journals including: Sociology; Organization; Culture and Organization; Management Learning; Gender, Work and Organization. l like cats, fashion, chocoate and rugby in no particular order.

Research interests

How people, particularly those who are vulnerable and marginalised, are organised in heteronormative societies.Qualitative analysis including ethnographic, autoethnographic methods and writing. Issues of vulnerability, precarity, marginalisation, power and gender. 

I'm currently co-lead on a 3 year project with Leicester University concerned with the lived experiences of transgender and non-binary prisoners in the English and Welsh Prison Estate.


“Gripping onto the last threads of sanity”: transgender and non-binary prisoners’ mental health challenges during the covid-19 pandemic (2023)
Suhomlinova, Olga; O’Reilly, Michelle; Ayres, Tammy Colleen; Wertans, Emily; Tonkin, Matthew James and O’Shea, Saoirse Caitlin
International Journal of Mental Health, 52(3) (pp. 218-238)

Rethinking gender diversity: Transgender and gender nonconforming people and gender as constellation (2023)
Suhomlinova, Olga; O’Shea, Saoirse Caitlin and Boncori, Ilaria
Gender, Work & Organization ((Early access))

Academic Unfreedom (2022-07-15)
O’Shea, Saoirse
Revista de Administração de Empresas, 62(4)

Rompendo hegemonias sobre corpos e organizações [Breaking hegemonies over bodies and organizations] (2022-06-27)
Rampazo, Adriana Vinholi; Saraiva, Luiz Alex Silva; Souza, Eloísio Moulin de; Brewis, Joanna and O'Shea, Saoirse
Revista de Administração de Empresas, 62(4)

If I knew then what I know now (2022-03)
O'Shea, Saoirse Caitlin
Gender, Work and Organization, 29(2) (pp. 626-638)

Locked up While Locked Down: Prisoners’ Experiences of the COVID-19 Pandemic (2022)
Suhomlinova, Olga; Ayres, Tammy Colleen; Tonkin, Matthew James; O’Reilly, Michelle; Wertans, Emily and O’Shea, Saoirse Caitlin
The British Journal of Criminology, 62(2) (pp. 279-298)

[Book review] Can the monster speak? A report to an academy of psychoanalysts. By Paul B.Preciado (trans. Frank Wynne), London: Fitzcarraldo Editions. 2021. (2022)
O’Shea, Saoirse Caitlin
Gender, Work & Organization, 30(3) (pp. 1152-1154)

Ties that bind: An inclusive feminist approach to subvert gendered “othering” in times of crisis (2021)
Abdellatif, Amal; Gatto, Mark; O'Shea, Saoirse and Yarrow, Emily
Gender, Work & Organization ((Early access))

Working at gender? An autoethnography (2020-11)
O'Shea, Saoirse Caitlin
Gender, Work and Organization, 27(6) (pp. 1438-1449)

From Chess to Queergaming: ‘Play’ing with and disrupting heteronormative assumptions in the performance of gender and sexual orientation (2020-10)
Worst, Steff and O'Shea, Saoirse C.
Human Resource Development International, 23 (pp. 519-541)

Catching a glimpse: Corona‐life and its micro‐politics in academia (2020-09)
Plotnikof, Mie; Bramming, Pia; Branicki, Layla; Christiansen, Lærke Højgaard; Henley, Kelly; Kivinen, Nina; Lima, João Paulo Resende; Kostera, Monika; Mandalaki, Emmanouela; O'Shea, Saoirse; Özkazanç‐Pan, Banu; Pullen, Alison; Stewart, Jim; Ybema, Sierk and van Amsterdam, Noortje
Gender, Work & Organization, 27(5) (pp. 804-826)

Isolation (2020-09)
O'Shea, Saoirse Caitlin
Gender, Work & Organization, 27(5) (pp. 717-722)

Cutting my dick off (2019)
O'Shea, Saoirse
Culture and Organization, 25(4) (pp. 272-283)

Past caring about passing (2018-09)
O'Shea, Saoirse
Graduate Journal of Social Science, 14(2) (pp. 41-57)

My dysphoria blues: Or why I cannot write autoethnography (2018)
O'Shea, Saoirse Caitlin
Management Learning, 50(1) (pp. 38-49)

‘I, Robot?’ Or how transgender subjects are dehumanised (2018)
O'Shea, Saoirse
Culture and Organization, 26(1) (pp. 1-13)

This girl's life: An autoethnography (2017)
O'Shea, Saoirse Caitlin
Organization, 25(1) (pp. 3-20)

I am not that Caitlin: a critique of both the transphobic media reaction to Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover shoot and of passing (2016-09-28)
O'Shea, Saoirse
Culture and Organization, 25(3) (pp. 202-216)

LGBTQ+ Inclusion (2023)
Priola, Vincenza and O'Shea, Saoirse
In: Yi, Ilcheong ed. Encyclopedia of Social and Solidarity Economy
ISBN : 978 1 80392 091 7 | Publisher : Edward Elgar & United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force (UNTFSSE)

Queer analysis (2023)
O'Shea, Saoirse Caitlin and Worst, Steff
In: Katila, Saija; Meriläinen, Susan and Bell, Emma eds. Handbook of Feminist Research Methodologies in Management and Organization Studies (pp. 174-188)
ISBN : 9781800377028 | Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing Limited | Published : Cheltenham, UK

Doubly imprisoned: Transgender and non-binary prisoners' experiences in England and Wales (2021-11-19)
Suhomlinova, Olga and O'Shea, Saoirse
In: Johnson, Austin H.; Rogers, Baker A. and Taylor, Tiffany eds. Advances in Trans Studies. Advances in Gender Research (pp. 125-139)
Publisher : Emerald Publishing Limited | Published : Bingley, UK

Autoethnography in qualitative studies of gender and management (2021)
O'Shea, Saoirse
In: Stead, Valerie; Elliott, Carole and Mavin, Sharon eds. Handbook of Research Methods on Gender and Management (pp. 25-37)
ISBN : 978 1 78897 792 0 | Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing | Published : Cheltenham