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Dr Rodion Skovoroda

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am currently Head of the Department for Accounting and Finance.

I joined the Open University Business School in February 2020 from Nottingham University Business School, the University of Nottingham.

Research interests

My research on Executive Pay and managerial incentives with applications to Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance emphasises the need for further improvements in the way executive pay is disclosed, measured and analysed. My other research interests include topics in International/Applied Economics such as Foreign Direct Investment and Political Risks. My research has been published in leading International journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, British Journal of Management, British Journal of Industrial Relations, Long Range Planning, Economics Letters, etc.


  • Skovoroda, R., Bruce, A., Buck, T., Gregory-Smith, I., (2019) “Cost-efficient Performance-Vesting Equity”, Economics Letters, 182, 37-39, DOI: 10.1016/j.econlet.2019.06.002 (ABS 3, ABDC A)
  • Skovoroda, R., Goldfinch, S., DeRouen Jr. K., and Buck, T., (2019) “The Attraction of FDI to Conflicted States: The Counter-Intuitive Case of U.S. Oil and Gas”, Management International Review, 59(2), DOI: 10.1007/s11575-018-0374-y, (ABS 3, ABDC A)
  • Skovoroda, R., Bruce, A. (2017), “Shifting the Goalposts? Analysing changes to performance peer groups used to determine the remuneration of FTSE100 CEOs”, British Journal of Management, 28 (2), 265-279, DOI: 10.1111/1467-8551.12209, (ABS 4, ABDC A)
  • Skovoroda, R. and Lankina, T., (2017). “Fabricating votes for Putin: new tests of fraud and electoral manipulations from Russia”, Post-Soviet Affairs, 33(2), pp.100-123. DOI: 10.1080/1060586X.2016.1207988 (ABDC B)
  • Lankina, T., Skovoroda R. (2017), “Regional Protest and Electoral Fraud: Evidence from Analysis of New Data on Russian Protest”, East European Politics, 33 (2), 254-274, DOI: 10.1080/21599165.2016.1261018
  • Skovoroda, R., Bruce. A., Buck, T. (2016), “Corporate Governance Enquiry: Complex Incentive Schemes” report submitted to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, enquiry on Corporate Governance, October 2016.
  • Bruce, A.; Skovoroda, R., (2015), "The Empirical Literature on Executive Pay: Context, the Pay-Performance Issue and Future Directions", in The High Pay Centre, London.
  • Bruce, A., Skovoroda, R. (2013), "Bankers' bonuses and the financial crisis: Context, evidence and the rhetoric-policy gap", Business History, Vol.55 (2), pp. 139-160. (ABS 4 at the time of publication, ABDC A)
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  • Fattorusso, J.; Skovoroda, R.; Buck, T.; Bruce, A. (2007), "UK Executive Bonuses and Transparency - A Research Note", British Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol.45 (3), pp. 518-536. (ABS 4, ABDC A*)


Ad-hoc Reviews

British Journal of Management; 

The European Journal of Finance; 

Journal of Financial Research; 

Corporate Governance: An International Review; 


European Journal of Political Research; 

International Journal of the Economics of Business; 

International Review of Economics and Finance;


Teaching interests

I have 15 years of experience of teaching and learning in higher education.

At Open University Business School, I chaired the prodiction of B817 Research Methods for Finance (MSc). I was also a member of Module Teams of B126 Business data analytics and decision making (UG) and B874 Finance for strategic decision-making (MBA).   

Before coming to the OU, I had taught and convened modules such as Financial Economics (UG), Corporate Governance (MSc), Microeconomics for Business (UG), Financial and Monetary Economics (MBA), Quantitative Analysis for Business (UG), etc.

Impact and engagement

External Engagements:

OU/BBC: The Big Green Money Show (2022/23). OU/BBC: The Big Green Money Show returns - OU News

  • As an academic consultant for the show, I played an active role in collaborating with the producers and making valuable contributions to the development and overall success of the show

OU/BBC: I co-hosted an exclusive interview for the Open University with the accomplished entrepreneur, Deborah Meaden (from Dragon’s Den), where we discussed the topic of sustainable business (2023). The Big Green Money Show - The Open University with the BBC | BBC Partnership   

Financial Times, Sep 2023, ‘Expensive Tesla settlement brings attention to non-executive director pay’ Expensive Tesla settlement brings attention to non-executive director pay | FT services for organisations

Financial Times (May 2022): published my comments on the recent rise in CEO bonus pay in ‘CEO pay, bonuses and targets under fresh scrutiny’.

Financial Times commented on our research in `Binding votes on pay ‘work for shareholders’.’]

In 2016, I co-authored a report on Executive Pay commissioned by The High Pay Centre, London:

In October, 2016, I submitted summary evidence of our research on pay to the UK Parliament (BEIS Committee, enquiry on Corporate Governance,:


Cost-efficient Performance-Vesting Equity (2019-09)
Skovoroda, Rodion; Bruce, Alistair; Buck, Trevor and Gregory-Smith, Ian
Economics Letters, 182 (pp. 37-39)

The Attraction of FDI to Conflicted States: The Counter-Intuitive Case of US Oil and Gas (2019-04-01)
Skovoroda, Rodion; Goldfinch, Shaun; DeRouen Jr., Karl and Buck, Trevor
Management International Review, 59(2) (pp. 229-251)

Shifting the Goalposts? Analysing Changes to Performance Peer Groups Used to Determine the Remuneration of FTSE 100 CEOs (2017-04)
Skovoroda, Rodion and Bruce, Alistair
British Journal of Management, 28(2) (pp. 265-279)

Fabricating votes for Putin: new tests of fraud and electoral manipulations from Russia (2017)
Skovoroda, Rodion and Lankina, Tomila
Post-Soviet Affairs, 33(2) (pp. 100-123)

Regional protest and electoral fraud: evidence from analysis of new data on Russian protest (2016)
Lankina, Tomila and Skovoroda, Rodion
East European Politics, 33(2) (pp. 253-274)