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Dr Oznur Yurt

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Professional biography

Öznur has joined the faculty of The Open University Business School  as a Senior Lecturer in Operations & Supply Chain Management in December 2021. Previously she worked at the University of Roehampton, University of Liverpool (as an online faculty member), and Izmir University of Economics in Turkey. She holds two PhD’s, from Izmir University of Economics in Turkey, and from University of Miskolc(Hungary). She conducted her post-doctoral studies in the Cranfield School of Management and University of Plymouth. Prior joining the academia, she worked in the banking industry as a Management Trainee in Marketing.

Öznur is originally from Turkey. She is currently living in the UK, and has also lived in Chile.

Research interests

Her research interests lie at the intersection of supply chain management and business-to-business marketing. Her recent research focuses on service supply chains, buyer-supplier relations, food supply chains and sustainable supply chains. She has a particular interest in the service supply chains and service operations management. Her research outputs have appeared in leading journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Production Planning & Control, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Service Theory and Practice, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, The Service Industries Journal, and Resources, Conservation and Recycling.

Teaching interests

She has been teaching in the fields of operations & supply chain management, purchasing management, marketing channels & retail management both in undergraduate and post-graduate levels over the last 15 years. 

External collaborations

She holds an External Examiner role at the University of Dundee. 

She is currently supervising three PhD students at the University of Roehampton as an external/co-supervisor. Her supervisees are working in the fields of food supply chains, and digital supply chains. 

She is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing & Supply Chain Management at the Department of Logistics Management, Izmir University of Economics in Turkey. 

She teaches modules at different campuses (Le Havre, Dublin, Oxford) of EM Normandie as a Visiting Lecturer. 


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Entrepreneurial orientation, supply chain viability, and financial performance: A conceptual framework (2022-07-05)
Liu, Qi; Yu, Wantao and Yurt, Oznur
In : 29th EurOMA Conference 2022: Brilliance in resilience: operations and supply chain management's role in achieving a sustainable future (1-6 Jul 2022, Berlin, Germany)

Big data analytics capability, internal supply chain resilience, and operational flexibility: A case study of hospitals in China (2022)
Zhao, Gen; Yu, Wantao and Yurt, Oznur
In : LRN (Logistics Research Network) 2022 (7-9 Sep 2022, Birmingham, U.K.)

Exploring digital supply chain solutions for improving farmed fish distribution in Kenya (2022)
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In : LRN (Logistics Research Network) 2022 (7-9 Sep 2022, Birmingham, U.K.)