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Dr Keely Duddin

Profile summary

Professional biography

Keely joined the Faculty of Business and Law in 2019 as a Lecturer in Policing, Organisation and Practice. Her background is in Psychology and she is a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society. She is currently module chair and leads a team responsible for designing and implementing the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship, as well as contributing to the overall development of programmes under the Police Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF). Keely also is a member of the Centre for Police Research & Learning (CPRL) which aims to develop research and knowledge exchange with the police members/partnerships involved in the centre and is actively involved in research that CPRL undertakes.

Previously at British Transport Police (BTP), Keely was the Head of Research and Development and responsible for leading a centre of research excellence, ensuring research evidence was used to inform best practice and deliver service improvements. During her time at BTP Keely conducted significant research to contribute to the overall strategy of tackling sexual offences on the railway and in 2017 was nominated for an award in recognition for her leadership and research on suicide prevention and well-being. She was also responsible for implementing an effective force-wide policy function and has received qualifications in project management and leadership. 

Prior to working for the police Keely completed her Masters and PhD in Health Psychology at the University of Bath specialising in well-being research. During this time she worked for Avon and Somerset Constabulary as a Special Constable and undertook specialist training allowing her to work in the Domestic Violence Unit for a number of years.

She brings a wealth of practical and strategic knowledge through her previous roles and experience and has a variety of research interests.

Research interests

Current Research Projects: 

"Are forces past their ‘due date’? The impact of a mother’s experience during pregnancy and returning to the workplace after a period of maternity leave".   

 "The impact of police forces and football clubs working together to provide a platform for coaching and mentoring for young people who have received a Threat to Life Notice." With Greater Manchester Police and Manchester United.


Research Interests: 

Keely has a variety of research interests and expertise which centre around well being, suicide prevention, maternity and perinatal mental health, health psychology, and evidence based policing. She has a particular interest in impact-focused research.  


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