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Mrs Jennifer Norman

Profile summary

Professional biography

Jennifer Norman is the Head of Department of Policing Organisation & Practice (POP) in the Faculty of Business & Law (FBL). She started this role in April 2022 and leads a team of interdisciplinary academics in the development of the policing programmes at the Open University that are delivered as part of the Police Education Qualification Framework. Jennifer also is a member of the Centre for Police Research & Learning (CPRL) which aims to develop research and knowledge exchange with the police members/partnerships involved in the centre and is actively involved in research that CPRL undertakes.

Before joining the OU, Jennifer worked at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) as Senior Lecturer. She was the Programme Director for the BSc (Hons) in Policing, a degree programme specifically designed for police professions. During her time at CCCU, she was also involved in several research projects from the Canterbury Centre for Police Research. She conducted research for the Police Federation of England and Wales exploring police officer perceptions of a number of College of Police initiatives, including Direct Entry. She was involved with a small-scale project that focused on police education. She has expanded this work for her PhD study, using a longitudinal research design to track police officer experiences of studying at degree level specifically in relation to them utilising their knowledge in practice.

Before joining CCCU, Jennifer worked for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). Her experience within the MPS was both operational and strategic. However, she was primarily involved with research and analysis throughout her 13-year career. She spent most of her MPS working as a Strategic Researcher where she employed social research methodologies to further understand strategic priorities for MPS Business Groups. She was involved in a number of research projects including a long term mixed methods approach to explore issues around rape and sexual violence, a process evaluation on neighbourhood policing, a qualitative study on the role of analysis and a project that gleaned young people’s perceptions of the police to further explore police engagement strategies. 


Research interests

Jennifer has a variety of research interests having been involved in a range of research areas in policing. However, her main focus is on police professionalism and the role of police education with a focus on understanding how knowledge meets practice. Having worked within the profession in a research capacity and as an academic delivering a programme to practitioners, Jennifer recognises the importance of research knowledge being transferable and transparent to practice. She is committed to ensure that practitioners voices are represented in research to ensure their experiences are heard within the policing narrative.    

Teaching interests

Policing, professionalism, victim vulnerablity, reflective practice

Impact and engagement

Journal articles and chapters

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Conference papers

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