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Dr Charles Mbalyohere

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Engaging informal institutions through corporate political activity: Capabilities for subnational embeddedness in emerging economies (2022-04)
Mbalyohere, Charles and Lawton, Thomas C.
International Business Review, 31, Article 101927(2)

Engaging Stakeholders Through Corporate Political Activity: Insights From MNE Nonmarket Strategy in an Emerging African Market (2018)
Mbalyohere, Charles and Lawton, Thomas C.
Journal of International Management, 24(4) (pp. 369-385)

Navigating Institutional Differences in Africa: Moving Beyond the Institutional Voids Perspective (2018)
Mbalyohere, Charles; Onaji-Benson, Theresa and Daniel, Goriola Olusina
AIB Insights, 18(4) (pp. 15-19)

Corporate political activity and location-based advantage: MNE responses to institutional transformation in Uganda’s electricity industry (2017-11-30)
Mbalyohere, Charles; Lawton, Thomas; Boojihawon, Roshan and Viney, Howard
Journal of World Business, 52(6) (pp. 743-759)

Chinese firms in Uganda: The important role of the mediator. (2020)
Mbalyohere, Charles
In: Jackson, Terence; Louw, Lynette and Boojihawon, Dev K. (Roshan) eds. Chinese Organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa: New Dynamics, New Synergies (pp. 234-251)
ISBN : 9781315532097 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : Abingdon

To Choose Informational and Financial Political Access or Not? The Influence of Access Political Strategies on Subsidiary Performance of Emerging Market Multinationals (2020)
Onaji-Benson, Theresa and Mbalyohere, Charles
In : AIB 2020 Miami Conference (3-6 Jul 2020, Miami, USA)

Open and distance learning (ODL) as a strategic tool for improving employability and entrepreneurship in new frontier markets: the case of Uganda (2019)
Mbalyohere, Charles; Aguti, Jessica and Nabushawo, Harriet
In : Pan Commonwealth Forum 9 (PCF9) (9-12 Sep 2019, Edinburgh, Scotland)

Energy resource centres (ERCs) as vehicles for extracting higher benefits from solar power in rural and suburban areas of developing countries (the case of Uganda) (2019)
Mbalyohere, Charles; Aguti, Jessica and Nabushawo, Harriet
In : Open Impact Conference (13-14 Dec 2019, Uganda)